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Heather Ann MelzerHeather Ann MelzerEmail Me My scrapbooks Recipe Album 2008 2007 Orlando Album 2007 2006 Check it out! April 2008 SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 12345 6789101112 13141516171819 20212223242526 27282930 Online Shops B&H Photo/Video Cheap ink and photo paper Exposures Online Netflix Paper Source Pop s Unfinished Furniture Tastefully Simple Recent Posts Loch Ness nonsense A weekend of firsts 10 things that made me smile this week Casual chic Dessertaholic Happy Earth Day! P-A-R-T And we re back Picnic in the park If you know me at all Categories Family movie nights Heather Ann Designs Kit Releases Tip Tuesday Archives April 2008 March 2008 February 2008 January 2008 December 2007 November 2007 October 2007 September 2007 August 2007 July 2007 More...Blog powered by TypePad Rate my blog... Subscribe to Heather Ann MelzerLoch Ness nonsense Since we were too busy to get a movie night in last weekend and it was too rainy/snowy to play outside last night (don t even go there!), we decided to have a Monday Night Movie Night. The girls loved this one. It was like E.T. replaced with the Loch Ness Monster. A little scary in some spots, but they were ok. They loved seeing the "water horse" grow up and kept yelling "he goes in the bathtub!!!", after seeing the scene on the main menu. Ali s treat was so perfect, that I decided to go with it (that girl is insanely creative). I picked up the cute plastic bowls at Target and filled them with blue Jello, Cool Whip (the girls new favorite) and crushed up Nilla wafers. I explained to the girls that the blue Jello was water that was crashing onto the sandy beach and that the cool whip was waves. The pistachio was the egg that the little boy found on the beach. "Can we eat it" "I don t think a baby water horse would taste very good, but if you really want to try it..." "Ewwww, gross!" Oh, the fun we have :) ...
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