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The a-China DNA ProjectThe a-China DNA Project Home Initial Project Survey Register your family here. FAQ Frequently-asked questions about the project. a-China DNA Listserv Thoughtful discussion and respectful debate Meet the Project Team A partial list of our growing team of board members Survey Responses Total so far: 2273 Revised goal: 2500!Search Browse aboutus faq sticky RSS / AtomWelcome to the a-China DNA Project “Next Step Survey” Update Thank you for patience and continued interest in the a-China DNA Project. Our recent “Next Step Survey” has revealed that while the China adoption community is keenly interested in learning more about how a DNA database could benefit their children and families, the overwhelming majority of parents currently do not know enough about it … and/or are not comfortable enough with what they do know about the state of the science … to take the next step and join a database. The price tag is certainly a consideration for many families. At this point, however, a trade-off must be made … more sensitive testing costs more, i.e., you get what you pay for. This has two important ramifications for the database. First, since only families who can afford it can participate, the pool is restricted at the outset, which limits the potential for matches for those who do participate. We are very uncomfortable with moving forward until we are certain there is a large enough pool to draw on to ensure there is a “good” chance of getting matches (“good” meaning >85% power.) Second, in addition to sib searching, a second, equally important mission of the Project is to create a voluntary, anonymous DNA database that will provide invaluable information that could benefit all Asians of Chinese descent. This would include research into early detection or predisposition to disease, disease prevention, and the intriguing new discipline of pharmacogenetics (tailoring medicines and dosages to target an individual’s specifi...
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